SolidTrust is the authorized partner of Reeter Group in India. Reeter Group Inc is an international Technology Solution company head quartered in Texas, USA. Reeter Group offers innovation in high-tech engineering consulting and Global leader in Technology Assessment, Technology Advice on Engineering and Design Services and Industrial Process review & Support.

Reeter Group has collaboration with many leading Engineering Institutions and Universities in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and many countries across the globe to evolve the student’s skills on transforming technologies in the Engineering Industries who adopts Digital Industry 4.0 Technology for their Successful Career.

“As per the International Data Corporation Survey, 92% of Industries in ASIA & EUROPE and USA will be adopting Digital Industry 4.0 Technology in next 5 years. In the Competitive market, Engineers are in the position to enhance their skills in upcoming Technology to secure their career and to become Entrepreneurs”

Reeter Group offers a dedicated team of experienced domain experts whose focus is to track and analyze the evolving needs and emerging technology trends across the manufacturing lifecycle.

Reeter Group has created many Elite Professionals through Skill Enlightenment Strategy to adopt the 4th Revolution Industrial Technology (Digital Industry4.0) to enhance the Students skills.

Many Educational Institutions rewarded us that many of their Elite Professional Mechanical Engineers have become a First Generation Entrepreneurs. They are able to validate their innovative concept in terms of Design using Advanced Cloud CAD Technology and Validate it using Simulation Software and produce it as a physical model using 3D Printing machine.

After this Initial Evaluation process, Elite Professionals check the Manufacturability of the model using CAM Software and Distribute-Control-Process their design data’s across the team using PLM Software. Elite Professionals also learn the Advanced Robotics capabilities to do the Industrial Automation.

Reeter’s Technology Advancement Cell plays the major role in bringing their dream into reality.