Case Study 1:   ANSYS in Control Valves


Benefits: Reduced number of prototypes and physical testing.

Enabled the study of more design alternatives in Valves.

Product development time was reduced by months. Click Here



Case Study 2:   ANSYS in Machine Tool Validation

Benefits: Increased Product Quality.

Better understanding of the efficiency of different design parameters

Quick Feasibility Study for a Particular Customer Demands.

Increased Flexibility and Efficiency ensure the company’s leading position in the market. Click Here


Case Study 3:   ANSYS in Crane Simulation

Benefits: Time Savings in calculating of the immense number of load charts for all crawler cranes.

Higher crane lifting capacities with similar or even lower crane dead weights.

Improved fatigue behavior of all structural components due to more stress and strain optimized components. Click Here




Case Study 4:   ANSYS in Automotive Component Validation


To design a new support in structural steel with an equivalent structural behavior as the aluminium one and with a similar weight. The manufacturing costs, including the material costs, are two times cheaper than the original solution. Click Here 




Case Study 5:   ANSYS in Automotive Bus/Coach Design Validation

Benefits: The major benefit aside from the higher customer satisfaction and improved quality is saving the time to elaborate and complete the decisions in the design cycle.

Simulations in ANSYS show us where we are in terms of strength. Hence, the attained target is being within a safe range and thereby cutting cost of production other than overdesigning. Click Here



Case Study 6:   ANSYS Non-Linear Material/Rubber Simulation

Benefits: Predicted the force-deflection for the compressed spacers in less time and with greater accuracy than previous methods of linear estimation. As a result, engineers can develop optimal designs that extend the life of ECMs in harsh environmental conditions present in automotive applications.

ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL) was developed to model the spacers as well as to extract FEA results data of interest to product engineers and present this information in tabular form. Click Here



Case Study 7:   ANSYS in Home Appliance Design Validation


Ability to run through hundreds of designs before settling on suitable candidates to check physically

Save time and money by eliminating costly prototypes. Click Here




Case Study 8:   ANSYS in Industrial Coupling Simulation

Benefits: Ease of use and easy to learn.

Optimised product performance with greater reliability.

Increased customer confidence with new cutting edge designs.

Reduced design time of new products.

Highlighting of potential strengths and weaknesses leading to innovative products. Click Here



Case Study 9:   ANSYS in Automotive Two Wheeler Validation


Engineering time saving and enhanced productivity

Only few days are now needed to perform a complete test-bench simulation of very complex assemblies

Quickly identify the most stressed region and assess if the test will be passed. Click Here


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