Design Engineering Consultancy

SolidTrust provides a wide range of Design Engineering services to industrial customers across all sectors.

Our Services Include

We providing you the best range of Design Engineering Consultancy Service.

New Product Design

New Product Design includes concept design and conversion of concept design in to workable product with required revisions.

Legacy Data Conversion

SolidTrust has significant expertise in conversion of non-parametric legacy Data or Drawings to parametric 3D CAD Models for easy reference and retrieval. We perform legacy data migration to specific requirement of the customer and to their drawings standard

Design Automation

Design Automation includes understanding of product design and its range of products. It helps Customer to reduce their design time & error.

Finite Element Analysis

We deliver expertise design analysis services across industry verticals. Our Expertise include Static/Dynamic Analysis, Structural Analysis – Linear/Non-linear, Frequency Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Design Optimization Analysis, CFD – Internal/External Flow Analysis

Reverse Engineering

Conversion of Physical component into 3D CAD File & 3D Modeling from Scanned Data

NC Code Generation for Complex Design:

SolidTrust provides services in conversion of complex Solid/Surface design into easily manufacturable and optimized NC Code Data based on your existing machine tools & Cutting tool library.

What sort of services can SolidTrust provide you?

Solve manufacturing problems: We can help you to determine the best manufacturing process for your design. latest design tools can model many aspects of a manufacturing process. For instance determine assembly stresses, mold flow or forming process.

Test new and competing design approaches: So that you can have confidence in your design. we can quickly assist you to test your new approaches without you having to build a prototype.

Optimize an existing design: We can help you to improve or prove your design if it needs to be larger, stronger, lighter, perform new functions or work under different conditions.

Troubleshoot problems in existing products: FEA gives you insights into the behavior of your existing product which may have failed during its service. To help determine the problem we can test the design in many different ways which may not be possible with the physical product.

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