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SolidTrust PDM Technology Assessment

SolidTrust works with Product & Project centric organization, to assess their current design approval & data management process and submit them VALUE REPORT explains the additional benefits can be achieved by the implementation of a PDM System.

SolidTrust imparts latest analytical tools & methodology to understand & identify the growth potentials & maximum ROI returns possibility. SolidTrust provides PDM assessment for a minimal cost to support organization understand the importance of Product Data Management solutions. Our Organizational PDM assessment phase1 begins with a day activity where we assess the current system and scope for the major improvement possible with PDM system.

We submit the VALUE REPORT with expected business transformation & benefits through PDM tools. This greatly helps our customer to understand the beneficial area before kick start the formal analysis on their system to conclude the exact outcome in terms of anticipated business growth & transformation.

SolidTrust PDM implementation qualifier process ensures our customer makes a right decision in choosing between PDM system tools.

Assessment phases:

Phase 1: (Pre-Assessment)

Agenda: One day of your time to assess the areas of improvement in terms of process being followed, technology used and scope the implementation.


Expected areas that would need transformation

Recommendations for transforming the business

Supporting tools

Benefits of PDM Implementation

Phase 2: (Detailed Assessment)

Our team will work closely with the customers to find out the various processes, strategies that are being followed by them, to identify the areas of improvisation.


As ‘change remains constant’, we might have to look into our business strategies, processes according to the changing needs of our customers & products.


SolidTrust helps the customers in investigate strategies, processes and systems and identify potential areas of improvement.


In Detailed Assessment, Typical areas of impact would be,

Remove any redundancies practiced to remove the time constraints

Specific solutions for the bottlenecks in any specific areas

Suggestions of best practices followed in the industry to improve the efficiency.

SolidTrust can make sure that all your design & other data is transferred into PDM system seamlessly through our Data Migration process.

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